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Power Sector Training
Globe Engineering
 in collaboration with our partners, offers Consultancy Services and Training in high voltage Power Transmission Systems Operations which involves:

  • Training of highly skilled electric power sector workforce. Often existing experienced labor force is aging and often lack the updated skills needed to successfully support advanced systems, tools and devices that make up large cross-regional transmission power lines. We train on skills of demand response, distributed generation, energy utilization/optimization, cost simulations, design-construct & operate smart grids.
  • We train to produce future instrument control and relay specialists, line workers, sub-station operators, and meter technicians and prepare them to implement advanced system capabilities, such as rapid restoration and grid reconfiguration,  remote operation of reclosers, switches, regulators, capacitor band controllers, SCADA, sectionalizers and management of these systems.
We also offer train-the-trainer programs in advanced power systems design, energy economics, cyber security, distributed energy and generation, and building�vehicle�grid systems.

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