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   Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service and Products

Globe Engineering Services Corp promotes flight safety in the Africa region and has tremendous technical, operational and safety management experience in the Aviation market. Representing and  working in collaboration with world-class technical minds in the Canadian aviation safety industry, we are able to bring together, under one roof, a huge amount of capacity to meet any aviation challenges faced by governments, private sector air carriers and or other aviation firms. Our world-class FDA Service is ideal for those operators that do not have the need to invest in the infrastructure required to run a full service Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) program. Service subscribers simply need to send their flight data to Globe via a secure internet connection where the data is processed and analyzed by our team of flight data and aviation experts. Unlike some competing services, our service does not end there. Our analysts work with your flight safety officers to interpret the results and take necessary actions to improve operator safety and efficiency. Small and large operators alike can expect a significant cost savings compared to operating an in-house program.

Our software is designed to handle the full spectrum of data analysis challenges. The same software can be used for accident investigation, FOQA/FDA/Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), simulator debrief and training. We offer a modular Windows based suite of integrated, open-architecture tools for flight data analysis, driven by years of practical experience by world leading flight data analysts at major investigative agencies. Our software features full engineering units transcription engine and parameter database management. This allows us to support, on the fly, engineering units conversion for efficiency and for handling high data volumes. Typical uses include general flight data analysis, engineering, aircraft performance, flight test, accident investigation and flight data analysis/monitoring/flight operation quality assurance.

Our specialties include:

  • Building of Flight Safety Laboratories
  • Air accident investigations
  • Civil & Military aircrafts support
  • Flight Operations & Simulations
  • Aircraft Certifications
  • Pilot Training
  • Other Staff & Operator training
  • Cabin Safety - Flight Safety
  • Maintenance programs
  • Public Relations, Marketing & Business Models development
  • Aviation Investor identification

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Recent Project:  Safety Lab, Accident Investigation Bureau, Nigeria   



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