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Globe Marketing & Sales in Canada, Africa and Overseas
For many manufacturers and service providers, it is quite expensive to embark on full-scale international market development for their products and services. But entrepreneurs know that well developed export markets are sure ways to improve sales, boost manufacturing and consequently improve on overall business performance. Our teams will sell for Canadian exporters, Africa-based firms and for companies in the USA, China, India, Brazil and in any other country world-wide, interested in expanding sales locally or into other countries.

Managing Costs
To help manufacturers solve the problems of high initial capital outlay required for the development of their export markets, Globe Marketing Group, a division og Globe Engineering, offers a special Export-market Development Service (EDS) involving:

STEP 1: Product Quality Improvement (at the factory level); and  
STEP 2: Export Sales (in foreign countries)

Foreign Agent/Office
Manufacturers will save on the cost of establishing remote foreign offices, staff posting to foreign countries, and on language and culture training.

Manufacturing Engineering
Working with our industrial engineering teams on your product quality improvements, right on your factory shop floors, manufacturers are provided this unique service, which enables them to cost effectively utilize the best team of manufacturing engineers. Our engineering team will ensure that the manufacturer has the right methodology, equipment and personnel that meets international standards, ensures production of "Export Ready" goods and therefore meeting the clients international trade objectives.

Sales Management
At the end of production, our international Export Sales teams will take over, find markets and sell the products, on behalf of the manufacturer and producers in foreign countries.


Summary of our assistance to Exporters and Importers:

In Exporting Countries:

  • We provide consulting services to help identify potentially viable exporters and to coach & graduate selected firms to become "Export Ready"

  • Provide guidance to our clients on Target Market Selection and the facilitation for Export-Volume-Production.

  • We provide guidance and coaching on  product quality & control, specifications, pricing, labeling, packaging, warehousing/safe non-perishable storage, local logistics and shipping by air, land or sea to foreign and local markets.

  • We organize export planning sessions for Exporters locally or at the importer's country.

At Importing Countries:

  • We promote Exporter's products and Identify buyers (whole-sellers/distributors/retailers).

  • We secure necessary importing-country import approvals/permits/licenses/quotas, etc

  • We organize import planning sessions for Importers locally or at the exporter's country.

  • We provide Foreign Sales Office (home-away from home), language translations and sales staff for our exporting clients.

We charge a reasonable small fee for our services.

If you need assistance in finding international markets for your goods and services, please look no further but contact the professional marketing team at Globe.


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